Huwebes, Disyembre 22, 2005

Congressional Black Caucus Holds Back Money From Katrina Victims

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which slammed the Bush administration for its allegedly slow and racially insensitive response to Hurricane Katrina, has yet to spend any of the estimated $400,000 that it raised for the victims of the Aug. 29 storm.

"We are collecting all the way up through the very end of the year and then our board has set aside a committee who is going to administer the funds," Patty Rice, spokeswoman for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), told Cybercast News Service on Wednesday. The Foundation is an offshoot of the Congressional Black Caucus and was founded in 1976.

In the days immediately following the hurricane, with parts of the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline demolished and the city of New Orleans under water as a result of broken levees, members of the Congressional Black Caucus condemned the Bush administration's handling of storm relief efforts.

A few brief questions and observations:

1) The Black Caucus has no plans to raise or distribute much money for Katrina victims. They wanted the issue as a means of attacking Bush.

2) The Black Caucus wants to make sure only the correct victims (ie. black and Democrat "Katrina survivors") are helped.

3) Where did they find enough dupes to raise $400,000?

4) Later in the article, the Black Caucus claimed in September to have raised $700,000 but now in December they claim to have only $400,000. Where did the other $300,000 go?

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