Sabado, Disyembre 17, 2005

First Three Steps To Reclaiming Liberty in America

The first three things I would do to restore liberty in America are:

1) End witholding. If the American people actually had to write a check to the Federal and state government every two weeks, we would have lower taxes and possibly a simplier tax code and system almost instantly.

2) End the War on (some) Drugs. This little "war" has given us no-knock raids, restrictions on how much money we can carry, intrusive money laundering laws, sets the stage for excessive foreign interventions, increases crime which leads to other measures limiting freedom, and much more. This makes the Patriot Act seem modest by comparison.

3) Limit the government's ability to take property through eminent domain and other bureaucratic edicts.

I'm curious to know your ideas to restoring liberty in America.

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